Evans Farm Sports Park

The 250-acre development aims to provide state-of-the-art facilities, innovative sports programs, and a sustainable environment for athletes and the community. This project has been years in the making but appears to finally be on the way!

Jennings Land Development Co is Building a Youth Sports Park at Evans Farm

The Vision Behind Evans Farm Sports Park

The driving force behind Evans Farm Sports Park is to create a one-of-a-kind sports and recreation center that fosters community involvement, athletic excellence, and environmental sustainability. This vision is supported by a team of passionate developers, investors, and sports professionals who are committed to building a vibrant and inclusive space for people of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Evans Farm Sports Park offers a wide array of top-notch facilities and amenities designed to elevate the athletic experience for all participants. Some of the most notable features include:

Multipurpose Fields

The park boasts numerous multipurpose fields that accommodate various sports, such as soccer, lacrosse, rugby, and football. These fields are meticulously maintained and feature state-of-the-art turf systems, ensuring optimal playing conditions year-round.

Baseball and Softball Complex

Baseball and softball enthusiasts will be thrilled with the dedicated baseball and softball complex, which includes multiple fields, batting cages, and pitching lanes. This area is designed to host tournaments and leagues for different age groups and skill levels.

Indoor Training Center

The indoor training center provides athletes with the resources to improve their skills, regardless of weather conditions. This facility features advanced equipment, multipurpose courts, and professional coaching staff to ensure a productive and enjoyable training experience.


Evans Farm Marketplace

the marketplace features Flats, Townhomes, ranch-style homes, commercial retail space. All of these properties are rentals at this point